Wednesday, February 29, 2012


now you know what those smiley means right?
haha XD

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tekken : Blood Vengence

This movie is AWESOME!!
because I always like Tekken. plus, this movie is better than the live action version.
I mean base on the look of the character >.>
Jin Kazama ~
always handsome! haha >///<
in this movie, they add another male character.
he's very handsome though.
arrgghhh....... there's too many hansome guys in Tekken. It's hard for me to choose @.@
haha XDD

here is the synopsis:

The plot, which takes place between the events of Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, begins with Anna Williams setting up a decoy for her sister, Nina Williams, who is currently working with the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama. Anna, on the other hand, works for Jin's father, Kazuya Mishima and its rival organization, G Corporation. Both are seeking information about a student named Shin Kamiya, and Anna dispatches a Chinese student Ling Xiaoyuto act as a spy, while Jin sends humanoid robot Alisa Bosconovitch for a similar purpose.
During their investigation, Xiaoyu and Alisa form a friendship, although they are forced to turn against one another when Shin is captured by an unknown assailant. It is here that Alisa is revealed to be a robot - although Alisa believes she possesses human qualities after she spares Xiaoyu's life. After coming to terms with each other, Xiaoyu is abandoned by Anna and G Corporation, and the two girls flee from their previous organizations, taking refuge in their teacher, Lee Chaolan's mansion.
Xiaoyu and Alisa eventually discover genetic experiments had been done on Shin and his classmates, and believe that the Mishima family is seeking Shin, the sole survivor, and M gene subject, for his immortality. The pair discover that this had in fact, been an elaborate plan engineered by Heihachi Mishima. After Heihachi disposes of Shin, he, Kazuya and Jin engaged in a three-way brawl. Ultimately, Jin is the victor, utilizing his devil powers. Heihachi then unleashes the ancient spirits of the Mokujins and a final fist burst by Alisa leaves Mokujin Heihachi open. Jin finishes him off, by an eye blast which slices it in half. Jin then leaves, telling Xiaoyu that he awaits a future challenge.
The film ends with Alisa and Xiaoyu back at their school's festival with the pair planning to enter the next King of Iron Fist Tournament.

- source : Wikipedia -

sounds cool right?
to me, it's awesome.
to you?
I don't know... different people have different opinion.
so I don't mind.

btw, the Devil Jin form is different from the game version.

This is the game version

This is the movie version

different right?

Shin Kamiya.
The new character.
but he died though :(

That's all.. I guess..
when you watch the movie, I hope you enjoy it.

Lee Chaolan.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kenangan lama :)

gambar paling comel. lol :p

haha XD

baru lepas main baling kek XD

budak lelaki 2 cekal

Khairil.. rindu kau. haha XD

Amirul :)

pasangan paling sweet. haha XD

budak kelas 2 Gigih.
rindu kat amera :)

Nely ~


dua budak pandai ;)

haha XD

aku lupa ni pingat untuk apa!? .-.

Amirul ngan Cikgu Syazana :)

3 budak comel. haha XD

semua ni kenangan lama masa aku still kat 2 Cekal.
kelas paling awesome and jamuan kelas pun awesome XD
sekarang ada yang dah pindah, ada yang dah start buat hal sendiri.
masing-masing ada hala tuju sendiri :)

SH*T =.=

That awkward moment is when you know that your friend is in love with your crush.


*sigh* let it be...
I don't mind.. it always happen to me though...
maybe I'll just wait for a special person to come and be with me :)
btw, I'm having a crush that guy because of his attitude and hardworking.
that's all...
I'll just wait.... hopefully that special person is someone that is fully 100% my type (90% or 80% is fine with me)..
hehe ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

to Mr. Unknown

roses are red,
violets are blue,
just reveal yourself.

I'm a bit tired of waiting for you. so please just show yourself. there is no need to be shy. I don't mind about your looks. plus, don't play hide and seek with me. luckily, I'm willing to wait for you. are you happy? of course you're happy. me? I don't know.. but sounds like desperate right?
well... I have my own reason for this situation. so just come out and reveal yourself. I don't eat people but I like to eat fish ;)

I'm sorry but to tell you the truth, I'm really excited and I can't wait to know you. the more I wait, the more I become impatient. so please... reveal yourself, okay?

pretty please with the cherries on top ~

Saturday, February 18, 2012

budak kecik

My lovely niece, Wisha :D
comel kan?
geram kot tengok budak ni.
tapi yg part semalam tak boleh blah XD
ingatkan dia happy sebab dapat makan.
rupa nyer tergigit cili XD
pedas sampai bertepuk-tepuk tangan ye?
comel gila.

p/s: aku dah sampai pangkat 'auntie' daa ~ haha XD

Thursday, February 16, 2012

He Had Such Quiet Eyes

He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo

He had such quiet eyes
She did not realise
They were two pools of lies
Layered with thinnest ice
To her, those wuiet eyes
Were breathing desolate sighs
Imploring her to be nice
And to render him paradise
If only she’d been wise
And had listened to the advice
Never to compromise
With pleasure-seeking guys
She’d be free from ‘the hows and whys’
Now here’s a bit of advice
Be sure that nice really nice
Then you’ll never be losing at dice
Though you lose your heart once or twice

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Valentine Video

Have you seen this video on google?

It's really cute.
I'm a bit jelous with the girl in the video. lol ~
btw, I don't celebrate Valentine's Day because I'm a muslim.
but that's okay...
I don't mind..
I'm happy with myself :D

Saturday, February 11, 2012

love you

Just a picture of my little brother.
Isn't he cute?
haha XD


Finally! There is someone who had the same experience with me.
I mean it's kinda hard to find a good guy at here.
but this girl is from UK (I don't know which part of UK) and I'm kinda agree with her.

this is the video:

she's cute right?
haha XD

btw, I think I want to write the same Q&A thing. I copy some question and write my own answer.


Do you have a boyfriend?
- nope.

Do you like someone?
- nope. my heart is kinda like empty..

Are you lookingfor a relationship?
- I've been with a lot of jerks/idiots. so I decided to stay with my old standards. my old standards are high. it's kinda hard to find. but I don't mind about it. I'm not gonna get into relationship too quickly. (but I want to get married before I turn 30)

What do you do on your first date?
- study group? lol ~  but I never been in a proper or a romantic date..

What are your thoughts on long-distance relationship?
- It's ok. It's not bad. I've been in a long distance relationship. once. but this one is a bit hard. I mean he doesn't have facebook, skype or his own handphone. he always use his mother handphone.

How many boyfriends have you had?
- 5.. I guess... 2 of them are idiots. the rest are good ;)

On average, what is the duration of your past relationship?
- 1 week =='

How long were your shortest and longest relationship?
- My shortest relationship lasted about 1 week. My longest relationship lasted about 2 months. 

That's all... I guess...
In facebook, I'm currently in a relationship with a girl.
actually she's my best friend.
for us, it's normal if we (girls) made a relationship status in facebook. it's kinda like to show that you love each other as a friend.
I'm not lesbian. I'm straight. I love guys.
like Park Jung Min.. lolol XD
I want a guy like my daddy. My dady is awesome.
so I want the guy to be as good as my daddy (but daddy is always be the best guy ever)
I still got some studies to do and I still young.
so I don't really care about my love life ;)

p/s: Xiao, if you read this, I'm sorry for copying some of your questions and answers. I hope you don't mind and I love your videos. PEACE ^^v

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Childhood Fav

Pokemon : Gotta Catch Em All


Looney Tunes

Rurouni Kenshin

Powerpuff Girls

Super Yoyo

Cardcaptor Sakura

Crush Gear

Yu Gi Oh!


Shin Chan


All Barbie's movies:
- Rapunzel
- The princess and The Pauper
- Swanlake
- Fairytopia


These are some of my childhood favourite cartoons/anime. Without them, my childhood wouldn't be awesome. I miss them sooo much :')